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Pediatric Dentistry Fort Wayne IN

Dr. Regan greets a toddler patient and her mother at the front desk of Summit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INDentistry for kids, more formally known as pediatric dentistry, is specialized dental services provided to those under the age of 18. This includes infants who are just starting to get teeth up to teenagers. This specialized dentistry is very important since there is much more that goes into pediatric dental care than that of adults.

The Importance of Dentistry for Kids

It is important to have your kids seen by a professionally trained dentist. Children's teeth are growing and developing more than an adult's does, so you need someone who knows what to look for. Our dentists can monitor tooth development and fix any issues before they become major complications, as well as provide services that differ from those provided to adults. For instance, wisdom tooth removal and braces are services more often seen in younger patients.

Our dentists also have experience with kids, so they know how to communicate with them. Kids can sometimes be wary of dentists so having someone who knows how to explain procedures and calm them down is important. They will also be able to explain updates and concerns to you as the parent. Our dentists will finalize the appointment by explaining the importance of dental care and at-home instructions to your kids.


Children, like adults, should have their teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year. Our dentists and dental hygienists are trained to work with children and ensure that their mouths are clean and healthy. The first step in this will be scaling, where the dental hygienist removes hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth and gumlines. After that, the dental hygienist will brush and floss your child's teeth. To finish, your dentist will examine your child's mouth to monitor development and note any concerns. They might do a little bit of light cleaning at this time as well.

Fluoride Treatments

As part of the routine cleanings, we also provide necessary fluoride (mineral) treatments. These help to prevent tooth decay and repair damage if there is any minor tooth decay already present. Fluoride treatment can be either topical or systemic. Topical fluoride treatments include gels, foams, and varnish. Systemic fluoride is a form of the mineral that is ingested directly into the system. There are natural sources of this, such as water. However, your dentist may also be able to prescribe fluoride supplements to ensure your child's teeth are protected.


Our providers can also examine your child's teeth and monitor their development. At this time, your dentist can diagnose diseases and injuries, as well as inform you of treatment options. Our dentists are able to treat a variety of dental injuries and diseases common among children, such as fractures, teeth that have been knocked out, cavities, and ulcers. In addition to these examinations, we can provide you counseling on risky habits, nutrition, at-home dental care, and disease management. To get started with dentistry for kids today, contact Summit Dental Group today.
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Dentistry for kids, or pediatric dentistry, provides specialized dental services to those under the age of 18. Schedule your child's appointment with us today!
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