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Root Canal Fort Wayne IN

Root canals are a very simple procedure performed on millions of people every year. These are highly effective in treating infection and preserving your natural tooth. Thanks to modern medicine, root canals are quick and painless. Though you may need to have more than one procedure, depending on the severity of your condition, you will be back to normal functioning within just hours after the root canal. Our dental professionals at Summit Dental Group can explain this procedure and assist you should you ever need one.

The Importance of Root Canals

Root canals are performed in the case of infection or inflammation in the pulp of the tooth. This is the soft connective tissue found in the pulp cavity of your tooth. Dental pulp is responsible for connecting the tooth to the surrounding tissue (gums). This allows for nerve signals to pass through, but this connection also means that infection or inflammation can spread to other tissues in your mouth.

Bacteria from your teeth can also easily get into your bloodstream, causing a variety of other health conditions. This is where a root canal comes in. Root canals help to clean out the infected or inflamed dental pulp and restore the functioning of your tooth.

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root from Summit Dental Group in Fort Wayne, INAn alternative to root canals is extracting the tooth and replacing it with an implant. However, root canals are the preferred route by our dental professionals for several reasons. Most importantly, root canals allow you to preserve your natural tooth. This is important for both functioning and aesthetic reasons. Root canals are also painless, cost effective, and efficient. A root canal restores your tooth and may allow it to last a lifetime, as long as no other injury or infection occurs.


Before your root canal, you would meet with your dentist who will explain the procedure and any after-care instructions. These instructions may differ slightly based on your specific procedure, so it is important to follow them exactly as they are given.

Root canals begin with your dentist taking an x-ray and then providing anesthetic. We then place a dental dam over the tooth to isolate it and prevent saliva from entering during the procedure. Your dentist first makes a small opening in the crown of your tooth, which they use to access the dental pulp. They will then remove the pulp from your tooth and shape the chamber for filling.

Typically, the substance used to fill the chamber is gutta-percha, though your dentist will explain this further during the consultation. Your dentist will use adhesive cement to place this rubber-like material. Then, your dentist will place a crown or other type of restoration on the tooth.
This brings it back to a normal appearance and allows you to use it at full functioning. There are several types of restorative procedures used, so this will also be discussed at the consultation. To schedule a root canal, contact Summit Dental Group today.

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Thanks to the modern medicine at our practice, a root canal procedure is quick and painless, returning to normal functioning within just a few hours.
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